5 Reasons the Game Stop Credit Card is the Worst

Every time someone signs up for the GameStop credit card, we feel like we are taking a Climhazzard to the chest. GameStop is doing you wrong. The only time loyalty has been rewarded this terribly - spoiler alert - is when you spend so much time leveling up Aeris only to watch her die right in front of you. There is only one way to stop this madness. Do not apply for the GameStop Powerup Rewards Credit Card.

Let’s trade in your Throw materia for some Ultima, shall we?

First, let’s cover what exactly is wrong with the GameStop credit card…everything.

1) The card offers a 15,000 point bonus for new customers that have Pro or Elite Pro status. Pro/Elite Pro will set you back $14.99 or $29.99 annually. Save your money and buy yourself something soft that shimmers, and go save Tifa before something terrible happens!

2) You can buy $3 worth of X-Box credits for 3,900 points. This puts point value at about .0007 cents each.That makes the point bonus you just got worth about $11.50. Do yourself a favor and use a smoke bomb to escape this encounter.

3)The standard purchase APR is 27.99% variable. That means you’ll be paying for your purchases long after you beat Ruby Weapon. The industry standard for APR on rewards cards is around 16% Variable.

4)The reward structure is as unstable as the City of Midgar. There isn’t a constant reward earning structure. This won’t end well. The rewards structure is Sector 7, and you are Wedge.

5)The points you earn are tied to GameStop redemptions. This isn’t very efficient or practical. If your quest takes you to a land where there are no GameStops, your points will be of no value. You may as well be trying to use Gil at 7-11.

There is not a single redeeming quality about this card. It is the Shinra of credit cards. With that being said, let’s rise up like Avalanche and make our wallets a better place.

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How will you save your wallet from Shinra? Are you looking to earn more gil or saving up for your next adventure on the Highwind? The journey is yours.

More Gil:

If you’re looking to add more gil to your satchel, then we’d recommend a card that earns flat rate cash back. There are a number of products like the Citi Double Cash or Blispay cards that offer 2% cash back. Other cards might offer a 1.5% cash back earning rate, but come with perks like a new customer bonuses up to $200. We'd reccomend taking a look at the Barclaycard Cash Forward, or the Wells Fargo Cash Wise cards if that sounds more like your style.

More Adventure:

If you’re looking for your next adventure on the Highwind, we’d recommend a card like the Citi Premier, or the Bank of America Premium Rewards cards. These cards can come with perks like TSA precheck fee reimbursement allowing you to travel freely throughout Gaea with minimal wait times in security. Travel cards also frequently offer annual credits for qualifying flight purchases like seat upgrades. These cards also tend to have annual fees in the $100 range, but the travel benefits can be well worth it for the hardcore adventurer. If you’re less interested in the flight credits and annual fees, the Bank of America Travel card will get you 1.5 points per dollar spent for use on travel.

We don’t like watching Yuffie steal your materia. Avoid the poor side quest that is the GameStop PowerUp credit card and get right to your wallet’s main quest.

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