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What is this Green Monday You Speak of?

First there was Blue Monday, the catchy musical number by new order. Then there was Black Friday, a national day of shopping. Apparently shopping online and in stores is vastly different, so these two activities needed their own dedicated days. This lead to the creation of Cyber Monday. The success of buzz word named shopping days inspired yet another day of retail gluttony, Green Monday.

Money Monday - Student Loan Interest & Tax Deductions

Sometimes we wish we were a rocket man so we could escape from our student loan debt. Our student loans are huge and it is sad. Very sad. We just want to win bigly, but student loans are in the way. How can we make America great again when Navient is sucking our bank account dry? Let's have a healthy discussion to figure out what congress has in store for student loan borrowers, eh?

How to Earn and Use Chase Ultimate Rewards

New to the points world and trying to figure out what card to get? Have a stockpile of Chase Ultimate Rewards points and unsure of how to optimize them? You've come to the right place. Let us show you the way to use Chase Ultimate Rewards Points.