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5ish Last Minute Gifts

Whoa. You still have Christmas shopping to do? We do not envy you. We accidentally had to go to Target tonight and we regret everything. Free two day shipping is your friend. Why do you do this to yourself every year?

Here are five-ish last minute gifts to help you save some time on your mission to single-handedly save procrastination. We apologize in advance for the gender stereotyping, but not really.


For the Ladies:

Macy's has this $70 4-Piece Mac Cosmetics Lipstick set on sale for $22.  If you are going to get anything from Macy's, order through Chase's Ultimate Rewards portal. They are offering six Ultimate Reward points per dollar for shopping through the portal, on top of the 5 points you'll earn with the Freedom card. That's 11% cash back for a Freedom cardholder. Gift yourself with cash back!

Bath & Body Works is also running some good buy 3 get 3 free deals. That should help you knock a few people off of your shopping list. You'll also get a free gift worth $14 in store if you use code 8284. 

Our final suggestion is this Nest thermostat with a Google home mini at Best Buy for $139. You'll never have to hear it's too cold in here and get up to change the thermostat again. Thanks Google! Using either the Ebates or Chase portal will net you an extra 1% cash back at Best Buy as well.

For the Fellas:

The complete series of Futurama on Itunes for $30 That's right, all 10 seasons. Sure, you might hate yourself if you also have to sit through all 10 seasons. On the bright side you won't even have to get off of your couch for this one, so that is a win? 

Or how about this 14 person 4 room tent at Walmart for $140, marked down from $250? Bigger is certainly better when it comes to tents, but again, you're signing yourself up for camping. Grab these 64 oz stainless steel "water" bottles for $7 while you are at it. They will help keep you entertained on that camping trip.

For the Tiny Humans:

Best Buy for the win with this Parrot Drone marked down from $199 to $49.99. It just doesn't seem like Christmas if you don't have a drone flying into the tree. 50% off Pokemon cards for the little nerd are a solid option for stocking stuffers as well. Staples, which is apparently still a store, also has this Rose Gold Karaoke Mic for only $7. The perfect gift for the tween millennial in your life.

Who are we kidding? At this point you're just going to drop in to a 7-11 and buy some gift cards. Just remember, if you don't get that special someone what they want, there is a fair chance they will light your tree on fire. Merry Christmas!