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5 Credit Cards for Your Credit Score

Did you know that 58% of single people would rather have a nice credit score than a fancy car?  50% of singles prefer a good credit score to an impressive job title. 40% are liars and would take a great credit score over a great set of abs. According to this survey, credit scores are important to your neighborhood Tinderella. So what wallet option does your credit score leave you with?

New to Credit? Let's Ease In To This. (Scores Under 600)

Maybe you're new to credit, or maybe you've had some bad experiences with credit in the past. If this sounds like you, we recommend Self Lender as a tool to either establish a credit history if you don't have one or to start building some good payment history. Self Lender is essentially a forced savings plan that helps you build credit. Opt for the $25 a month for 24 months plan and you'll receive a check for $525 at the end of two years + any interest you've earned. Users have reported boosting their score by up-to 100 points over the course of their loan.

We love this product for three reasons:

  1. This is a great way for force save an emergency fund. 
  2. Your monthly payments are reported to all three credit bureaus.
  3. Self Lender will give you access to a vantage score so track your score as you go. Apply for a new card when the time is right.

Learn More About Self Lender here.

Been Hurt In The Past? (600 - 640)

Maybe you hurt yourself with credit in the past, but you're ready to love again. For you, we'd recommend the Discover it Secured Card. With this card you'll have to put down a security deposit (starting as low as $200). Your new credit line will be equal to the deposit you put down. The nice part about this is that you can establish good payment practices while Discover reports to the credit bureaus. If you are unable to pay your bill and need to close your account, Discover is holding your security deposit which can cover your bill in a bind. It's less risky for Discover and for you if you need to improve the self control a bit.

Here's what we love about the Discover it Secured card:

  1. No annual fee. This is hands down one of the best secured cards on the market.
  2. You earn rewards.You'll earn at least 1% cash back on all purchases all year. You'll earn 2% on qualifying purchases.
  3. Discover doubles the cash back you earn during your first year as a card holder. Now that is love.
  4. Pay on time and you'll be rewarded. Discover starts graduating users into a normal credit card as soon as 9 months. 

Learn More About the Discover it Secured card here.

Still Waiting For A Rose? (600 - 680)

In that middle of the road phase where you aren't quite ready to be Fabio, but you aren't Danny DeVito either? Credit One is a good option for those 6's of the world. Credit One will pre-qualify you for their offer before you apply, so you'll know if you're a good fit for their offer. The annual fee, interest rate, and the rewards you earn will all be tied to your credit profile. If you don't like the offer you pre-qualify for, simply move on and look for another fish.

Here's why we like Credit One:

  1. The customized card terms are spot on. You get what you deserve. Nothing less, nothing more. The true Cinderella story.
  2. Credit One offers cash back rewards options, even for those with less than perfect credit.
  3. Knowing what is under the hood before you buy is worth its weight in gold.

Learn More About Credit One here.

You Know You're Good (680+)

Your credit is gorgeous and you know it. Flaunt it. You deserve the best. If you have great credit and you need a card that is going to love you better, we'd recommend the Venture card from Capital One. The Venture card offers a 50,000 mile bonus after you make $3,000 in purchases withing 3 months of account opening. Points are worth a penny a piece when redeemed for travel expenses, so that's $500 in your pocket. You've earned it. Additionally, Venture will earn you 10% cash back on your hotel purchases made at Bonus perk - this stacks with's 10th night free perk. Whether you're sneaking away for a night with "the one" or just need a quiet night away from "the one", Capital One Venture has your back.

Here's what made us fall in love with the Venture:

  1. It's made of metal, and metal is forever. 
  2. You'll earn 2 miles per dollar on every purchase everyday. (That's 2 cents per dollar for those that are mathematically challenged.)
  3. If you have commitment issues, is your solution.

Learn More About Venture here.

You Fear Rejection: (Hushed whispers. You are afraid to look.)

If you're afraid of getting rejected, we'd recommend CardMatch from CardMatch will use a soft credit inquiry (which does not impact your credit score) to match you to credit card offers. This doesn't guarantee approval, but it's about as close as you can get without submitting an application. This will require your name, address, and last 4 digits of your social security number. CardMatch offers pre-qualified results for American Express and Capital One, with additional matched offers that you're more likely to qualify for from Chase and Bank of America.

Here's what makes us swoon for CardMatch:

  1. Get matched to up-to 5 banks at one. It's speed dating for your wallet.
  2. The form is easy to fill out, even if your hands are covered in chocolate tears because you are applying for credit cards on Valentines day.
  3. American Express has special targeted offers in the tool. If they really really like you, you're in for a surprise offer.

Learn More About CardMatch.

Whether you're working hard for your credit or your credit is in tip top shape and working for you, give your wallet some love with the right financial product. Feel free to continue using those Tinder food stamps though. That's just smart.