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5 Ways to Recycle Your Old Christmas Tree

One year in college we took an entire fully decorated Christmas tree and threw it in the apartment dumpster. Don't be that guy. That guy is terrible. We're here to make up for our sins of the past with 5 things you can do to get rid of that unwanted tree without being a jerk store.

Real Trees

1. Drop it off at a landscaping company. Operations that make their own mulch will gladly take your tree and turn it into a profit. It cuts down on their operating cost (yay free wood) and it takes a tree off of your hands. Everyone wins.

2. See if your city has a wildlife program that will recycle trees. They apparently make great habitats for fish in ponds and can be used by other wildlife for shelter. Don't just go throw a tree in a pond that doesn't belong to you. That is frowned upon.

3. Burn it in an outdoor fire pit. Pine needles make great kindling, and the stump and branches should burn for a couple of hours. This is a great way to keep your guests warm and out of your house on New Years Eve. Here's a pro tip for anyone that isn't a seasoned fire starter - don't burn pine in your indoor fireplace. Bad things can happen.

This red wine hot chocolate will also help keep your NYE guests warm and out of your house. It's not tree related, but it sounds soooo good.

Fake Trees

4. Donate it. Pick your poison here. GoodWill is a great option to help families that will need a tree next year. You can also call around to hospitals, foster care centers, retirement centers, and even dog pounds. Puppies love Christmas too. It is science.

Christmas Puppies

5. Make this baller Christmas tree dress. Wear this to next year's Christmas party and have your date dress up as a lumberjack. You just won Christmas 2018. You're welcome. Send us pictures please.

This example uses a real tree, but that seems like a fire hazard (see option 3). Unlike Home Depot, we don't want to see you engulfed in flames. Use an unwanted fake tree instead.

Christmas Tree Dress

As a bonus, think about getting a live tree next year that is still potted. Then you can plant it in your yard after Christmas. In our head, the idea of having a grove of past Christmas trees is pretty awesome. That could be a fun tradition of its own.

Header Image Photo by Denise Johnson on Unsplash