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We've had a busy week since launch and we had some fun posts planned for today, but we cannot go about our day pretending like nothing has happened. We cannot act like the tragic events that have unfolded in Las Vegas are business as usual. Our hearts are with you, Las Vegas. Our hearts are with you, America. 

We are not a political blog. Our mission is to help save people money and plan for their financial future. First, we must make sure there is a future to plan for.

So today, instead of the 10 minutes it would have taken to read our post on how to start getting your finances in order, write your representative and let them know that you think we have a problem that needs to be addressed. There are multiple approaches to fixing this issue. The important part is taking the first step and letting your representative know that these types of attacks cannot continue. We must find a meaningful way to prevent them.

We hope that your family is safe. We also hope that you never have to go through such an unnecessary event in your lifetime.

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