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Cards Against Humanity Has Saved America

Cards Against Humanity may have saved America, but they didn't save The Penny Jar from having to watch "some crappy opposing baseball team" like the Sugarland Skeeters from our corporate HQ in Houston. As part of Cards Against Humanity's campaign to Save America, participants were each surprised with a free ticket to one Joliet Slammers game in 2018. You really boned us on this one, CAH. Don't worry. We still love you.

CAH is our spirit animal. While we regret not being able to make it to the Joliet Slammers' Cards Against Humanity Baseball Place, it goes against our frugal nature to let these glorious gifts go to waste. Our loss is your gain, fellow frugal reader. Share your money saving tips with us on Facebook for a chance to win 2 Joliet Slammers tickets. We'll pick a winner at random on January 2nd. 

Cards Against Humanity, makers of the popular card game for horrible people, announced a campaign to Save America from the likes of  President Trump and his ilk. The promotion was capped at 150,000 customers, and came with a $15 price tag for 6 weeks of surprises aimed at making America better. The campaign started strong with a promise to buy land on the US/Mexico border to prevent Trump's border wall from being built, and ended this week much tamer with the Slammers take over. 

Each week came with some custom playing cards, but here's a break down of the other surprises:

  • Week 1 - Everyone received a map of the land purchased on the border and a statement from the CAH lawyers to fight the border wall.
  • Week 2 -  Laptop stickers and the launch of The Good News Podcast to remind people that everything doesn't suck.
  • Week 3 - This week was a redistribution of wealth. 10,000 customers got a $15 refund, while 100 customers received a check for $1,000.
  • Week 4 - CAH partnered with Donors Choose to help teachers across the country make their classroom dreams a reality.
  • Week 5 - The launch of 14 months of public opinion polls via The Pulse of the Nation. You might be surprised to learn that 38% of the country, including 8% of Republicans, would choose Darth Vader as president over Donald Trump.
  • Week 6 - Restoring faith in America's favorite past time, baseball. CAH purchases the naming rights for the Joliet Slammers Baseball place to save baseball.

We are sad to see the weekly surprises come to an end, but we are glad to see that America has been saved.