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Jedi Master or Sith Lord? A Disney Visa Card Review

Don't mind us, we're just over here fanboying over The Last Jedi. We get pretty pumped whenever we can mix nerdism with finance reviews. See this Final Fantasy themed GameStop credit card review for reference. It seemed like an appropriate time to review Disney's Premier Visa credit card.

On its face, the Disney Visa is a bit underwhelming. You'll earn 2% in Disney Rewards on gas, grocery, dining out, and most Disney purchases. Other categories will earn you a flat 1% cash back. Your banked Disney Rewards can be used for Disney movies, Disney Cruises, Disney parks,, or you can also receive a statement credit towards airfare you book directly with airlines. The card also comes with a $200 bonus for new cardholders that spend $500 in their first 3 months of account opening. 

When it comes to earning cash back, this card starts to shine for the real Disney fanatics. You'll earn 10% cash back on Disney Store purchases, as well as 10% cash back on qualifying dining purchases on Disney properties. If you find yourself spending at least $500 a year at the Disney Store, or on dining while at Disney property the 10% cash back  will offset the card's $49 annual fee. If you're not tapping in to the 10% cash back, a no annual fee cash back card with a flat 2% earning rate might be a better fit for your spending.

While not cash back per se, the card also offers 6 months of 0% APR on qualifying Disney vacation packages. This can give you a bit of breathing room as you pay off your vacation. Don't plan on taking longer than 6 months to pay off that balance though. A 16.99% variable APR will kick in after that intro period expires negating most of your savings. This could come in handy though if you look to book a trip to the Star Wars resort that is in the works. If you need a 0% intro APR period for all of your purchases there are plenty of other credit cards that will offer 0% for anywhere from 18 - 24 months. The benefit of the Disney 0% period is that it can be used over the life of the card. If you have an annual pilgrimage to the Star Wars theme park, this might be a good perk for you to consider.

Another intangible perk you'll receive is access to card member exclusive photo shoots with Disney or Star Wars characters. These are held in private locations on the park, so you don't have to deal with the crowd while you get the perfect picture of you exchanging light saber blows with Darth Vader. The card also has some added perks for Disney cruises, which might come in handy if you must have those Star Wars days at sea. We're going to wait until there is a cruise ship shaped like the Millennium Falcon before we take that journey though. 

This probably goes without saying, but unless you are a hardcore Disney fan this isn't the card you're looking for. You will need to either value the meet and greets at at least $49 or plan on spending at least $500 on purchases a year in categories that earn 10% cash back to justify paying for the annual fee. You may as well be Jar-Jar Binks if you're paying for the card and not using it to its full potential. If you plan to travel to Disney multiple times in the next 5 years, the 0% for 6 months is also an appealing financing offer that makes this card worth while. You may also just want the Darth Vader credit card because it is awesome. That alone might be worth $49 to you. 

If this doesn't sound like you, we have some other recommendations. For those of you flying solo, take a look at the Uber card. Don't let the Uber branding fool you. You'll earn 4% cash back on dining, 3% on hotels & airfare, 2% on online purchases and Uber, and 1% on everything else. The card doesn't have an an annual fee and you'll be able to accumulate some cash back quickly for your next Star Wars purchase.