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Frugal Fun Day

Put down that avocado toast or you'll never afford a house! We've all heard it. Don't worry, we wouldn't advocate for that sort of drastic measure. The thing about smart budgets is that they require balance. If you don't feel like you are being rewarded for your hard work, it is very easy to splurge on an item and throw your budget out of whack. This weekend, we encourage you to take part in International Frugal Fun Day, and find something to do on the cheap. Who knows, you may find your new favorite hobby, or rekindle a love for an old one. 

The Goal: Spend less than $10 and enjoy a day packed with adventure.

We're going to start with the obvious choice. It's fall. The weather is great. Campfires are the best. Find the nearest free campsite here. Pack up an overnight bag and head out on your way. How are you going to spend your $5? Don't worry, bro. Target has your back with a new line of $5 wines. You'll still have budget left for a hot dog and some marshmallows.  We're not naive. Camping can be fairly costly if you've never been. If it's your first time, you can pick up a decent tent for $20 - $30 dollars. You'll be able to get by without much else. If you have a good time you can start to acquire more camping gear over time. You'll be a pro before you know it. We keep a camping box handy so we can pick up and go on Friday's after work if the mood strikes.

Outdoors not your thing?  Use one of the many social apps to find something in your neighborhood to do. HeyLets and DoStuff are great ways to see what is going on in your hood. SongKick will help you find concerts you may be interested in nearby without having to admit to your bestie that you want to find a band that sounds like Hansen. Meetup will put you in touch with like-minded individuals in your area for all kinds of events. Availability/user activity is going to vary by region, but there are shenanigans out there to be had. When all else fails, there is always Tinder? Making a new friend is free! 

Another great way to enjoy your time is to volunteer doing something you love. VolunteerMatch will help you find a community service event that will make you feel good. Love animals? Find a shelter and go give out some pets. Love the environment? Find an eco group and plant some trees, ya hippie. Love people? Volunteer to be a big brother/sister or help the elderly with some chores. Spread the word that all millennials aren't lazy sponges. Be our brand ambassador! 

If you have Amazon Prime, you have access to free e-books. Pick one up  and do some reading. No Amazon Prime? We're pretty sure libraries still exist. Go pick up some books and become enlightened.  MIT also offers a service called OpenCourseWare, that allows user to read just about any of the materials they offer for graduate or undergraduate studies. Get your learn on. Not into reading? Many cities will have some free smaller museums. Check out what educational resources are near you. 

After living in the same place for a couple of years it's easy to get into a funk and always go to the same places. Get out and go explore the city you live in. Maybe it's a public park, maybe it's a forest reserve, or maybe it's just getting to know a neighborhood you haven't been to yet. Who knows, you might find your next favorite place brunch spot my mistake. 

Other Ideas:

1) Get crafty. Make something from pinterest. Then laugh at it when it doesn't look like the thing from Pinterest. 

2) It is Chili season. Learn to make the best chili. Impress your friends. 

3) Find a dollar theater. Watch a semi-new movie. Just pretend like the floor isn't as sticky as it is. You didn't pay for a clean floor.

4) Wash your car. The washing part may not be fun, but the drive afterwards won't smell like 3 month old Chipotle, so that will be fun. 

These all sound terrible? Just keep doing you. There are plenty of internet cat videos out there to keep you busy. That's pretty much free. 

Here's one to get you started.