Dollar Dollar Bills, Y'all

Marketing Disclosure

The Penny Jar Launch Party

Welcome to ThePennyJar, your new home for financial advice. Your old financial advice website can’t come to the phone right now. Why? Because it’s dead. It’s not really dead of course. Their objectivism is dead as their content is completely driven by monetization and payment considerations. “The Best Offer” really just means the offer the site is getting paid the most to promote. Financial products are not jaw-dropping. No loan is going to blow your mind. You won’t pay off your student loans by doing this one neat trick. ThePennyJar is over it, so we launched this site.

Why We’re Here

To provide unbiased reviews and financial advice without taking ourselves too seriously. To end click bait. To build a community of people that like to save money, build wealth, travel, and enjoy life while making smart decisions. We like to laugh and use sarcasm to get our point across. We also use sarcasm to avoid awkward situations. Our content will reflect that. Hopefully you laugh with us, and we can all learn something along the way.

What We’re Going To Do

If you poke around the site a bit, you’ll notice we are missing some content. The site is so basic we might as well be holding a pumpkin spice latte right now.  Let us assure you we aren’t skipping leg day. We’ve gathered some of the financial tools we think lead the industry, but we have more coming. More content, more community, more tools, and more sarcasm. Expect a steady stream of content releases to keep you informed, tools to help educate you in your path to financial freedom, and a place where you don’t feel bad eating a half gallon of ice cream while you cry about student loan debt because you know you aren’t alone.

We’re going to stay true to our core belief that you can build a website with interactive tools and create a user community that isn’t driven by optimizing dollars. If you think we stray from that path shoot us an email with this post and tell us we are starting to turn into our parents.

What We’re Not Going To Do

Become the enemy. Let payment dictate our content. Sell your clicks to the highest bidder. Will we have advertising partners? Sure. As every good millennial knows, we need to have a side hustle to pay the bills. But also as every millennial knows, we can do it way better than the other guy can. The question is, are you ready for it?