Dollar Dollar Bills, Y'all

Marketing Disclosure

This Coffee is Making Me Awesome

We wanted to take a minute to let you in on a little secret: you could be saving major pennies by making your own cold brew coffee at home. If you find yourself spending the majority of the early morning in a fog just waiting for that first cup of coffee to get your day going, why are you waiting in line at a major chain (so early 2000s) when you could be getting that pep in your step right at home? 

We have been enjoying the ease of brewing an extremely concentrated and extremely flavorful pot of coffee once a week. You simply pour a bag of ground coffee into your coffee maker, fill with water, and let it sit between 12-24 hours depending on how strong you like your coffee. The next morning, flip a switch and you have enough cold brew coffee concentrate to last a week. Simply refrigerate your awesomely home-brewed superior product, and measure out a small portion every morning and add water until you reach the desired happiness - we mean strength. Watch out though, this brew packs a caffeine punch.

Added bonuses of brewing your own coffee:

1) There are no filters so you are not contributing to trashing the earth. You can feel good while doing good!

2) You can get your caffeine high before you even leave the house. No one has to see you at before coffee. 

3) You become a nicer person earlier in the day leading to a much happier family life. You know what they say. Caffeinated husband/wife, happy life.

4) You are drinking a superior product for a fraction of the cost. That's why we are all really here, right?

5) The coffee is in a really cute decanter in your fridge. You get to look at it every day and say, wow. I did that. Look at me.

Seriously, this coffee is so much better because of the brewing process that doesn’t require heat. Another plus is that you can choose the brand of coffee. We like Fara Coffee because it tastes amazing and helps support families in Nicaragua in many ways including with healthcare. Melva Jeans is also a family favorite with their direct trade Colombian blends. You'll probably be able to use less sweetener and add-ins as well, since cold brew is naturally smoother. Save those calories for national beer, pizza, pasta, grilled cheese, and cheeseburger days.

So now you are brewing your own amazing coffee at home once a week, becoming a nicer person, reducing your carbon footprint, enjoying a superior product, and becoming a cooler human being in general. Oh, and you are saving some major cash. An $8.00 bag of coffee should last you a week if you are drinking two strong glasses a day. Compare that to a single $4 cup everyday before work, and you, my well caffeinated friend are saving $624 a year. This is a fraction of the cost you would be spending at any coffee store. 

Now in honor of National coffee day, go buy our favorite coffee maker, OXO Good Grips Cold Brew Coffee Maker.