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How to Save on Your Phone Bill in 2018

Ring Ring Ring. Your budget is calling and it wants its money back. Are you paying more than $50 a month for your cell phone plan? Are you paying for a ton of data you're not using. Maybe it's your New Year's resolution to spend less time texting and more time playing with your dog. (Awe.) Either way, cell phone plans continue to be a major drain on your monthly budget. Let's see if we can help you save some money on your cell phone bill, eh?

We know. You're surprised we didn't cold open with a net neutrality joke, right? No need. This site buffers slow all on it's own. :) 

With 46% of American's paying more than $100 a month for their phone bill, that goal of saving $1,000 this year is going to be hard to achieve. If you fall in that over $100 a month bucket, it's time to reevaluate your cell phone usage and the plan you have. Cutting your cost doesn't mean losing access to data or good service either. There's a low cost option out there for everyone.

Best Unlimited Data Plan

Sprint wins this round. Did you know you that if you bring your own qualifying device to Sprint you can get a free year of service? That's easily a $1,000 - $1,200 a year savings. There is one major caveat here. You have to have a paid off phone to bring to Sprint or be prepared to buy one. You can see a list of devices that qualify here. Worst case scenario, you need to buy a new phone to bring to Sprint. You can find used IPhone 6s for $200 on Craigslist or Ebay. Ideally you'll be able to pay off your old phone and sell that to make the new phone a wash. 

Sprint Highlights:

  • Pay $13 for a Sprint SIM card.
  • The $30 activation fee is waived for the first year.
  • Data is unlimited. 10 GB of monthly hot spot data per line.
  • Add up to 4 lines at the 12 months free rate.
  • After 12 months standard Sprint pricing will apply.
  • Safety net of a big 4 network without a contract.