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The [Baby] Poop Post

Diapers. As new parents know, diapers play a huge roll in our lives and can put a major dent in our bank accounts. Every trip to the store is an exercise in mathematics. How much have I spent on this little devil's poop? What else could I have bought instead of all these diapers? I could be on a beach in Mexico with my diaper money. A bottle of rum sounds really good right now... Anyway, we have done the math so that you can save more and waste less.

Through rigorous testing and some trial and error, we've found Target to be the poop champion. Compared to Costco’s Kirkland Brand, you will save about $0.07 per diaper on Target’s Up and Up brand. If you find yourself using 7 diapers a day, which is a conservative estimate for our poop machine, you are going to go through roughly 2,600 diapers a year. By choosing Target over Costco you could save over $175 a year. If you have multiple tiny humans in diapers, your savings would be even higher. 

We also like the durability of Up and Up. They tend to stay drier longer and they don’t have that diaper fragrance that many companies add to their diapers. We don't particularly care for that fragrance and you know what they say, "You can put perfume on poop, but it's still just baby poop with perfume". That fragrance isn’t fooling anyone!

From 12/17-12/23, Target is offering a $25 Target Gift Card with qualifying baby diaper, wipes, formula and baby food purchases of $100 or more. To get the coupon, text baby to Target (827438). You can save even more on your baby’s poop by getting the Target REDcard which will save you an extra 5% on every purchases. You can see more diaper deals at Target here.