Dollar Dollar Bills, Y'all

Marketing Disclosure

That Lumberjack Look for Less

According to WM magazine, a magazine we assume is made up to support the plaid agenda, plaid is in for 2017. Because we are friends, and Plaidurday is a very real holiday that we definitely didn't make up, let's see what we can do to help you live your best plaid life without breaking the bank.

1) Let's start easy with your morning routine. You won't be able to smell the fresh cut timber without being properly caffeinated. Dress that coffee up in this blue plaid ceramic mug.  Everyone thinks of red when it comes to plaid. Dare to be different. Be a plaid trail blazer.

2) While we are accessorizing, let's stop by the hat store. If there is one thing that will never go out of style, it is a trapper hat. This plaid trapper hat comes in blue to match your mug, or in loser red. Only $12.99!

3) Having the right shoes is key and if we know one thing about fashion, it is very important to layer multiple variations of the same pattern on top of each other. Here's a pair of plaid heels, or if you prefer, a pair of plaid boots.

4) Nothing is going to make those shoes pop like this plaid scarf. Be sure to go with the grey. It's important to diversify.

5) Make sure to hit all of the colors of the lumberjack rainbow - here's a plaid shirt in yellow.

6) Finally, pick up this axe, suspender, beard combo for $19.69. It's not plaid, but you'd be a lousy lumberjack without it.

All set. We promise you'll be the talk of the lumberjack party?

*This post is meant for comedic relief. Buying this set of items will not only make you look ridiculous, it will also not help you save money. For tips on how to chop down your bills, check out this week's post about breaking up with your cable company.