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What is this Green Monday You Speak of?

First there was Blue Monday, the catchy musical number by New Order. Then there was  Black Friday, a national day of shopping. Apparently shopping online and in stores is vastly different, so these two shopping styles needed their own days. This lead to the creation of Cyber Monday. The success of buzz word named shopping days inspired yet another day of retail gluttony, Green Monday.

Green Monday was the brain child of Ebay. It was launched to remind shoppers that it was the last day of the month to order gifts online and have them delivered by Christmas. If you ordered any later you were risking those precious packages missing Santa's sleigh. Shipping has changed drastically over the last 10 years. With two day shipping becoming the norm and 1 hour delivery becoming less of a novelty, you would expect Green Monday to become a foot note in history, right?

Wrong. With Americans spending less this Christmas season, retailers are being as creative as they can be to capture additional spending. More households are capping their most expensive gift at $50 or $100 this year. The want, need, wear, read trend is also going viral, promoting getting 4 thoughtful gifts rather than focusing on quantity of gifts under the tree. This means we are seeing a resurgence in interest in Green Monday from Retailers.

Are we complaining? No. We are here to shop smarter. We are done Christmas shopping, but if we see a good deal you better believe we'll pick it up for an upcoming birthday present or some self-gifting. The important thing  is to remember when you're done with your Christmas list shopping. Don't feel the need to buy something for someone else just because you got a good deal. Those impulse buys will blow your budget before you know it.

Also be a smart shopper. Don't get caught up in "deals". Use a service like Earny that will monitor your purchases and get your refunds if the price drops. Use PriceGrabber to make sure you're getting the best price on your item, and don't forget to check CashBackMonitor for any cash back or point deals available for your retailer before you check out.

Are you tired of Christmas shopping yet? We're definitely tired of the non-stop "sales". That's why we are proclaiming the rest of December "Me"cember, as in, everything we buy from here on out is for us. We've never made it all the way through a Charlie Brown Christmas, but we're pretty sure that was the true meaning of Christmas anyway.

And now, an ear worm. Happy Monday.