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Wanderlust Wednesday - We're Dreaming of a White Christmas

The weather outside is like that part of the song? You are volunteering to go somewhere cold? We heard people like you existed, but we never thought we would actually meet one. Okay, you win. We'll send you somewhere cold this week instead of to Puerto Vallarta. We aren't going to go crazy and send you off to the Blacksheep Village Igloo or anything though. Instead, we're off to Breckenridge. 

Why Breckenridge? This quaint town best known for its skiing boasts some beautiful scenery, great skiing, Victorian architecture, and some of our favorite beer. It was also named the second best place to celebrate Christmas in Colorado. The town is 80 miles from Denver, so it'll take you about an hour and a half to reach your destination. The drive is gorgeous, but as you can imagine it is a bit mountainous. If you need to rent a car, getting something with 4WD or AWD will be a smart move. 

Your trip can be as adventurous or as laid back as you want. 

Looking for Adventure? Skiing is a no-brainer here. Whether you are a novice or a pro, Breck has the slopes for you. Lift tickets are going to set you back about $150, so be sure to include that in your budgeting plans. Equipment rentals will set you back another $60 or so. Call around on this one. Some of the rental companies will deliver and pick up from your hotel, which you will appreciate at 4 PM when you are sore from skiing all day. Not something we'd advocate doing in the winter, but if you happen to go in the spring, there are some great hikes worth checking out as well.

Shopping and relaxation more your style? There are outlets in Silverthorne, which is just a quick jaunt down the road. There are also plenty of places to drop in and get massages after skiing. Breckenridge Bliss Massages boasts a 5 star rating on yelp. We're not the only ones that want to curl into a ball the day after skiing right? Our legs turn into jell-o. We can't help it. You can always partake in "the weed" because well, it is Colorado. Just remember that just because it is legal doesn't mean you can't get fired.

But the beer tho. Breckenridge brewery is one of our favorites. Walking into the brewery from the snow packed road under a sky of stars while you're exhausted is something else. They have some pretty solid food choices in the brew pub as well. The Western Sky burger is a good way to end the day. If beer is your thing, check out Left Hand on your way back to Denver. It's a slight detour, but worth the drive. You also have Coors, of course. Downtown Denver is home to at least a dozen micro breweries that could make for a fun walking tour.

Getting There: The DoubleTree by Hilton Breckenridge is a fantastic option. Just steps away from the slopes, you can book award nights for 60,000 points a night. From December 25-30th nights are going for $600 a night, so you're getting a .01 cent per point value which is a solid redemption for Hilton points. American Express offers the Hilton cards, which come with new customer bonuses of up-to 125,000 points depending on the promotion they are running. 

For flights, we wouldn't bother with using reward points. Denver is such a large hub that you are sure to be able to find cheap flights. A quick Google Flights search revealed round trip tickets from Dallas and Chicago to Denver for under $100 on Frontier and United. Frontier may not get a lot of love from frequent travelers, but getting to another city for $100 for a quick escape is a bargain. Sitting on their plane for 2 hours [probably] won't kill you.

Now lace up those ski boots, have a beer, and enjoy some gummy bears. In whatever order makes the most sense to you.