Dollar Dollar Bills, Y'all

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3 Best Shopping Applications

Hello, is this shopoholics anonymous? We have a problem. We love to shop, but we also love to save money too!  We've rounded up our favorite apps and services that help us save money when we are on a shopping high. Here are our three favorite tools to save money on our must have items. (And the not-so-must-have items too!)

Ca$hback Monitor

  • Instantly compare shopping portals before you buy online
  • Chose your reward style. Cashback Monitor compares cash back, miles, and credit card point portal options
  • Never wonder if you're purchasing through the right portal again
  • Monitor rewards rates at your favorite stores by creating a user account


  • Save on groceries each month to put some savings into your penny jar.
  • Earn cash back rebates when you shop at over 270 Ibotta partners like Target, Walmart, and grocery stores.
  • Redeem cashback through Venmo, PayPal, or use your rewards to purchase gift cards.
  • Challenge friends to save with you and unlock additional team bonuses.

REDcard Debit

  • 5% savings every time you pay using your card at Target stores.
  • Stack your savings with Cartwheel, Target Subscriptions & other programs like Ibotta.
  • Links to your existing checking account. 
  • Cash withdrawal at checkout up to $40.
  • Terms Apply

Additional Shopping Applications

So many ways to save, so little time. Picking our top three was hard. Here are some additional tools to help save you money the next time you shop.

Acorns Found Money

  • Shop with Found Money partners, and they'll automatically invest in your Acorns account! 
  • Automated investing - automatically invest the change from your everyday purchases
  • Set your risk tolerance and let the smart portfolio do the heavy lifting
  • $1 monthly fee for accounts with balances under $5,000.
  • Terms Apply


  • Connects your payment cards with real time, effortless cash back on purchases & travel
  • No receipt scanning
  • No promo code hunting
  • No mail-in rebate silliness
  • Cash out after you've earned $15


  • Get refunds automatically when prices drop on items you purchase from selected retailers
  • Set it and forget it
  • Earny monitors receipts and automatically searches for lower prices
  • If lower prices are found, Earny uses price protection to put money back in your pocket