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Acorns Found Money

Our Two Cents: Acorns Found Money Review

The biggest question that people ask is "what is Acorns Found Money"?  Found Money is a pretty brilliant feature that Acorns rolled out to reward its members for shopping at a list of participating retailers. Found Money partners add money into your investing account just for shopping with them This could be a percentage of your total bill, or a flat dollar amount. 

You just need to have an Acorns account, and have the card you are shopping with linked to your account. Acorns takes it from there. When you shop at a retailer that is offering Found Money, the cash investment is triggered. It may take a couple of weeks for the found money to be added to your account depending on the offer, but it'll make it into your savings before you know it! There's nothing for you to opt into. Simply use your card at a participating retailer. 

What Stores Participate in Acorns Found Money?

Acorns is constantly revamping its list of offers, and some retailers will even offer limited time bonuses to encourage shopping. Retailers like and are typically in the rotation. Simply login in to Acorns and search Found Money for participating partners.

Are there Privacy Concerns?

The problem with most finance based mobile applications is that they are going to ask you to store your financial information with them. This can be unnerving, especially with a new piece of technology. In Acorn's case, they've been around for 3 years. We recommend using one or two general use cards for card linked offers. This will reduce your exposure in the event of a hack. You may not want the card you use for retail purchases to be the same card you use to autopay all of your bills. That could cause quite the headache in the event of a hack, but we all know that nothing is unhackable these days.

How Does Acorns Found Money Work?

It's pretty straight forward. If you're a fan of acorns already, you're already doing half of the work. Rebates vary by partner. Some retailers will require that you shop through an acorns link in order to earn cash back, which automatically gets deposited into your account after your transaction is complete. Other retailers, like Dollar Shave Club, will automatically give you a credit each month as long as you pay with a card that is linked to your acorns account for round ups. 

A lot of people ask how long it acorns found money can take. In our experience, it can take anywhere from a couple of days to a month, but acorns says anywhere from 30-60 days can be expected. The funds are added directly into your Acorns savings account, and you'll be able to watch your Oak grow thanks to your normal purchases.

Final Thoughts

We are a fan of Acorns' core investing service. The fact that we get to earn additional rewards for shopping the brands we love is great. The $12 annual fee to use Acorns might seem a little steep when there are free investing apps like Robinhood out there, but the simplistic nature of Acorns keeps us around. Don't forget that your Found Money won't impact any cash back or travel rewards you are already earning on your credit card purchase. You're adding more value to every swipe at participating partners. 

Acorns Found Money Highlights

  • Shop with Found Money partners, and they'll automatically invest in your Acorns account! 
  • Automated investing - automatically invest the change from your everyday purchases
  • Set your risk tolerance and let the smart portfolio do the heavy lifting
  • $1 monthly fee for accounts with balances under $5,000.
  • Terms Apply

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