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Our Two Cents: DOSH Review

Dosh is a new(ish) mobile application that allows you to earn cash back on your purchases through a linked credit card. By adding your card(s) through the application, you are giving Dosh access to your transaction level data. If an available offer is triggered, cash back is automatically deposited into your Dosh account. There's no need to scroll through the app and activate offers, which is definitely a bonus. Once you hit $15 you can transfer the money out to your personal account, or you can donate the money to charity. Dosh will start you off with a $5 contribution once you add your first card, getting you 1/3 of the way to your first redemption.

The first thing you'll need to ask yourself is how comfortable are you with card linked offers. In order for this program to work for you, you need to give up your credit card information. Data breaches are becoming more and more common and going through the process of cancelling cards can be a pain. As a preventative measure, we use one account for all of our automatic bill payments and then leave it in a drawer to help reduce the risk of merchant hacks impacting our life too much. There's always going to be risk when it comes to sharing credit card information. Just be mindful of that when signing up.

Now for the offers. Dosh sets itself a part a bit by offering geo-targeted offers, so in theory they should be relevant to you. In practice, the application is still fairly new and filled with mostly restaurant offers. The downside is that the back-end of the application runs on some other restaurant loyalty programs, so you won't be able to double dip offers. The plus side is you don't have to think about signing up. If you happen to go out for BBQ and use your card linked to Dosh and there is an offer at that restaurant, cash is going to make it into your account like magic.

Dosh does have some retailer offers, which is nice to see. These should be stackable with any shopping portals you may use. For example, World Market is offering 2% back via Dosh, 4% back via Acorns Found Money (another card linked offer), and 4 Ultimate Rewards points (we value this as 6% cash back) through the Chase shopping portal. That adds up to 12% cash back. Boom. Don't forget you'll earn any rewards from the cash back or rewards credit card you use as well. World Market earns 5% cash back on the Freedom right now, so if you're able to lump that into this equation, you're earning 17% cash back. 

You can also book travel through Dosh. We received an offer for $25 off our first booking, which is pretty cool. Dosh has a feature where they will compare their prices to Expedia, which isn't bad. We tend to book directly through hotels where we can, but this could be a good option for a one night booking if you just need a place to crash or aren't brand loyal.

Final Thoughts

Dosh makes earning some additional cash back pretty easy. The lack of retailers, at least in our area, makes this less interesting. For us, it might take a while to get to that $15 cash out limit. With that being said, it does provide some interesting opportunities to earn some great redemption in the right cases, and could be a really strong option for people that dine out frequently and don't want to bother with dining portals.

DOSH Highlights

  • Connects your payment cards with real time, effortless cash back on purchases & travel
  • No receipt scanning
  • No promo code hunting
  • No mail-in rebate silliness
  • Cash out after you've earned $15

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