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HRC Credit Card

Our Two Cents: Bank of America® HRC Credit Card Review

The Bank of America Human Rights Campaign credit card was essentially a rebranded Bank of America Cash Back Rewards Card. The only difference is that this one gives you a human rights logo on the card so you can show your pride and start a conversation with your cashier, or you know, get denied for a cake

Unforunately, as of 2017, HRC severed their relationship with Bank of America due to their participation in negotiating a deal to replace HB2 (A bathroom bill), with a HB142, which prevents state and local governments from enacting LGBT protections until December 2020. As a result, HRC walked away from their Bank of America relationship, and rejected $325,000 in donations.

So where's an LGBT person (or an ally) supposed to keep their money? US Bank has won HRC's best places to work. JP Morgan Chase has also taken home perfect scores when it comes to LGBT activism. If we had to pick between the two, Chase's Ultimate Rewards program is the rewards program built for any Queen, and to that, we say Yaaaaas.

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