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Our Two Cents: Ibotta Review

There are hundreds of mobile apps promising to save you money, so if you're here, you are probably asking what the purpose of Ibotta is. Ibotta promises to bring you discounts on the groceries you're buying, without having to go through the process of clipping coupons from your Sunday paper. Yes, that's right, hard copies of news papers are still printed.

Ibotta is a free mobile application that allows you to snag rebates on groceries by uploading your receipts after you make a purchase. Ibotta is integrated with over 270 retailers, so before you go shopping (or while you shop), you select the rebates you're interested in using on the mobile application. In order to opt-in to receive a rebate Ibotta will sometimes have you watch a 15 second ad or answer a quick demographic question before you're able to add a rebate to your account, but this process is pretty painless. 

 Once you're done shopping you will upload your receipt to the app and your cash back is deposited into your Ibotta account within 48 hours. You can then cash out via PayPal, Venmo, or by ordering a gift card to one of your favorite retailers. The added bonus with Ibotta is that you can stack it with other offers. Have a physical coupon for laundry detergent and an Ibotta offer? Boom. You win x2. The best part is they cover produce, beer, and sometimes offer brand agnostic coupons. We routinely save $4 - $6 dollars every time we go grocery shopping. It's a great way to save money on groceries

Just remember that your reciepts are good for seven days after you make a purchase. This is one of our favorite perks. Having the option to use Ibotta after you make a purchase if you forget before hand is super handy. As long as you saved your receipt you can scan it in after you've had a chance to pick your Ibotta coupons. We like to go through Ibotta while spending quality time with the spouse...i.e. we trigger Ibotta rewards while they watch a terrible tv show we aren't interested in. 

In addition to saving on in-store purchases, you can also order online through the application and trigger additional cash back offers. For example, we recently received a cash back offer for ordering from Our only hesitation here is that you may lose out on other cash back earning opportunities. Always check CashBackMonitor or Cartwheel to see where you can get the best rebate for your online purchases.

Another great feature of Ibotta is the team building aspect. You can assemble a team of friends and earn together using the app. For example, in October, our team was challenged to save over $10 using 10 unique offer codes. If that number was hit, each team member would receive a $1 reward. Once you unlock the first challenge, new challenges are unlocked for increased savings throughout the month. Friends that save together stay together.

Counting Your Pennies - How To Redeem Cash Back with Ibotta

Cash back is pretty easy. After you upload your receipt or make your online purchase, the cash back you earned will be deposited into your Ibotta account within 48 hours. From there, you simply need to cash out using Venmo, PayPal, or order a gift card. We don't use Venmo or PayPal, so the gift card option works best for us, but to each their own!

Who Should Use It?

Anyone that buys groceries on a regular basis. Does that sound like you? Is Ibotta the best cash back app? We'd say it probably is for groceries. 

Who Shouldn’t Use It?

People that don't have a smart phone, people that don't buy groceries, and people that hate saving money. It's a pretty simple app, and we can typically walk around the store and pick the offers that are relevant to us in less than 2 minutes. There's almost no reason not to use this product other than sheer laziness. Don't let laziness stop you from being financially savvy in 2019!

Final Thoughts

We're a fan of Ibotta. It helps save us money on groceries with very little hassle. Redeeming rewards is easy, and it is fun to see if you can out save your friends each week. We're glad we found this one - it is a keeper.

Ibotta Highlights

  • Save on groceries each month to put some savings into your penny jar.
  • Earn cash back rebates when you shop at over 270 Ibotta partners like Target, Walmart, and grocery stores.
  • Redeem cashback through Venmo, PayPal, or use your rewards to purchase gift cards.
  • Challenge friends to save with you, and unlock additional team bonuses throughout the month.

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