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Hey! We receive payment from some of the companies that are mentioned on this site. We do our best to call these partnerships out so you know when that is happening. A list of partners is on our About Us page. Our "best" placements and editorial opinions are not influenced by payment, other offer placements may be impacted by payment considerations. (This could include the order of offers within a post, banner placements, etc.) We review offers from partners and non-partners, however, we are human and cannot review every offer available to consumers. We try to weed out the bad stuff for you. If you find something amazing we don't include shoot us an e-mail and we'll fix it. Concerned about how we use data? Read our Privacy Policy.

Editorial Note: Opinions expressed on ThePennyJar are our own. Opinions are not influenced by payment, nor have they been reviewed or approved by any company we write about.
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