Dollar Dollar Bills, Y'all

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Remember when you were a kid hunting for change in your couch cushions for your piggy bank? The Penny Jar is your couch. We’re full of coins for your grown up piggy bank. 


Saving Money Doesn’t Have to be Hard

But we get it, it’s not always easy. We look at our money the wrong way sometimes and it’s gone. Saving money takes time. Finding the right deals, using the right financial products, and managing budgets can be tough. Researching these things takes a lot of time, maybe some guessing, and sometimes what feels like a bit of luck. TPJ is here to gather the best money saving tips and financial information in one place for you so you can focus on the important part - saving that paper. It is our goal to put vetted research into fun posts that don’t make your eyes bleed, provide a community of active savers to provoke healthy discussion, and hopefully offer some new financial challenges and tools that will help make your financial journey a little more interesting.


Trust Us - We Aren’t for Sale

Remember that time you were looking for financial advice on some nerdy finance site and they tried telling you that a credit card was literally the best at everything? You need to mow your grass in winter - well this credit card will help you do that better. How is that even possible? Or maybe you noticed that default budget settings are always set to numbers that in no way remotely look like a human budget. $300 a month for a paperclip budget? That seems reasonable. You know what those sites have in common? They have a team of salespeople looking to maximize their revenue and that means giving you advice that makes the most money. TPJ plans to cut through that noise with honest advice, more user engagement, and a noticeable lack of salespeople.

Now, let us be honest, “everyone has a price” is a saying for a reason. We aren’t going to argue there. You want to buy The Penny Jar? Let us know. We’d like to retire on a beach and start sipping on some mai tai’s sooner rather than later. In the meantime, our content isn’t for sale.


We Are Here to Save...


From bad content. 

Also, we’re here to save money just like you! We are passionate about finding new ways to save money to help reach our family goals, and we want to make deal hunting and financial planning a community sport. Let’s fill our penny jars together.

Follow the Money Trail...

So how do we pay for this site? Some would say good looks, but we also have financial relationships with some advertisers. Before you roll your eyes, there are a few promises we must make to you so that we can sleep at night:

  1. We will never sell your personal data. The thing about personal data is, it is personal.
  2. We will always disclose when we have a relationship with another company. You can find that list below.
  3. We will never let advertising relationships dictate our content. If we love a product and we can provide an easy way for you to get that product, we will. If we want to go all Sopranos on a product review because it is terrible, we will.
  4. We will always market the best version of a product that is publicly available.
  5. We will listen to your feedback and improve the site where we can.
  6. We will do our best to use our powers for good.
  7. We will never sell out, until we do. When that day comes, expect a notification and a postcard from our beach of choice.

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